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At Grow Wild we believe a healthy and sustainable garden is a balanced ecosystem. Pest and disease problems are an indication that a garden is not in harmony.

Solving plant health, pest and disease problems is achieved not by cleaning the garden and applying chemical fertilizers or pesticides, but by employing simple horticultural best practices.

At Grow Wild we believe that soil improvement, the right plant nutrients and increasing the variety of plant material are the best way to create a stable and healthy garden.


Pesticides and chemical solutions can negatively impact your garden's ecosystem. By killing the targeted pest or other non-targeted beneficial organisms, a food source for beneficial insects and birds is removed.

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Garden Care Services


Our Garden Care Services

Plant & Soil Health
Organic Weeding Techniques 
Wildflower Meadow Maintenance
Hedge Cutting  
Butterfly & Pollinator Planting Plans
Fruit Tree Pruning

Some of the areas we service:

  Wicklow // Dublin // Wexford

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With our garden care services you are guaranteed the following:

- Fully Insured 

- Qualified Horticulturist 

- A top-quality service

- Reliable

- VAT Registered 

- Professional Tools

- Reasonable Prices

Now taking bookings for 2024

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